Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrate Oregon Beer Month @ Accanto

Celebrating Oregon Craft Beer Month

A Special Pairing Menu with Upright Brewing

6:00 pm, Sunday July 24th, 2011
29th & Belmont,

or Call us @ 503-235-4900

Five courses with 7 beer pairings for $60

Antipasti Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with scamorza cheese

Flora Rustica- old-style saison brewed with hops, calendula, and fresh spring yarrow

Gazpacho “Salad” with cucumber, cherry tomato and avocado

Fatali Four- barrel-aged, chile infused wheat beer, 2010 vintage from brewery library

Seared Oregon Sardine with salsa verde

Gose- historic German-style soured wheat beer, lightly salted and spiced with coriander

Salad Little Gem Lettuces with creamy goat cheese dressing,

crispy proscuitto and oil cured olives

Blend Love-3 barrel blend of rye & wheat beers with raspberry, cherry & strawberry

Pasta Squid Ink Maccaroni with calamari, prawns, spicy

San Marzano tomato sauce and herbed breadcrumbs

Seven-- a northwest take on Belgium's modern saisons

Entrée House-made duck sausage with creamy polenta, wilted bitter greens, and cherry gastrique
Four Play
- barrel-aged, Oregon cherry-infused wheat beer with souring yeasts and bacteria, from brewery library

Dessert Cherry Clafuiti with Vanilla Gelato and red wine cherry sauce
Billy the Mountain-
traditional 19th century English-style old ale, aged over one year, bottled still

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Festaggiare la primavera"

The daffodils are bobbing their heads and the fruit trees are a bursting in bloom. Yes, spring has arrived, albeit in classic Portland style. The promise of May’s flowers, make these April showers seem almost bearable.

Chef David and crew are celebrating the return of the Farmers Market. Our region’s growers, foragers, and ranchers have remained busy throughout this rainy, cold winter and the fruits of their labors are just beginning to show up in the markets and restaurant kitchens around Portland. This month’s menu celebrates springtime with the precious, fleeting produce that marks the season.

We begin this issue of the newsletter, introducing a new way to enjoy Genoa on the weekdays, when you don’t necessarily have the time, or appetite, for the full 5-course experience, but still want to dine in Portland’s premier dining room.

Michael Garofola shares some of the fascinating inner dialogue that goes on when he assembles the wine pairing for our new menu. Specifically, he describes a very unusual Slovenian Sauvignon he has chosen to pair with one of our dishes.

And finally, we “tip our hats” to the season’s most glorious products, the school graduate. Yes, the spring provides many reasons to celebrate!

Genoa transforms with Prix Fixe Evolution
This month we are beginning a new a tradition at Genoa. On weekdays, we will be offering an abbreviated 3-course option of our regular menu. You can still opt for the full 5-course experience, but for people with less time, or lighter appetites during the week, there is now a new option.

The Mid-Week Three-Course Prix-Fixe
(including a few mouth-watering photos to enjoy!)

First course

Antipasti di salume locale- “gnocco fritto” a savory fried bread from Emilia Romagna topped with Olympic provisions lardo, house made rabbit liver terrine and pearl onions agrodolce


Erbazzone con scarola- savory tartlet filled with grilled escarole, capers, olives, pecorino and eggs with Ayers Creek white bean salad and pickled vegetables


Insalata di asparagi bianchi- a composed salad of grilled white asparagus, hazelnuts and arugula topped with a soft poached farm egg and Oregon black truffles

Pasta Course

Garganelli fatto a mano- hand made pasta quills tossed with prosciutto di parma, peas and

San Marzano tomato cream sauce


Tortellini di ortica in brodo- house made pasta stuffed with fresh ricotta, nettles and lemon zest served in a green garlic broth

Main Course- choice of one of the following

Rombo in porcini al salto- sautéed Alaskan halibut dusted with porcini powder served over a fennel-sunchoke puree with fiddlehead ferns, roasted sunchokes and finished with a lemon crème fraiche


Petto d’anatra – crispy pan roasted breast of Sonoma Magret duck breast with a risotto verde, rhubarb gastrique and pea tendrils


Costata di vitello- grilled boneless ribeye of veal with caramelized fennel, baby carrots, heirloom potatoes, carrot-anise puree, wild mushrooms and veal jus

Three courses for forty dollars

Three course wine pairing for twenty five dollars

From the Cellar Desk of Michael Garofola:
An April Wine Pairing

Wine: Movia Sauvignon, Brda, Slovenia 2006
Menu Item: Erbazzone con Scarola -- Savory Tarlet filled with grilled escarole, capers, olives, pecorino and eggs toppedwith a boquerone. Served on top of Ayres Creek purgatorio bean salad and pickled fruit and vegetables.
Winery Info: Movia has been in the Kristancic family since 1820, even though the estate has been in existence since the early eighteenth century. From the Brda appellation in Slovenia, just over the border from Italy's famed Collio Goriziano DOC (Brda means Collio in Slovene, which in turn translates to "hills" in English). Eighth generation owner Ales Kristancic has been kicking around the cellar since he was a boy, and possesses such an innate wisdom when it comes to his land, soils, and cellar that it's not clear where one begins and the other ends. He is Movia, in other words. Working biodynamically and in a very hands-off, natural fashion in the cellar with no sulphur and no foreign yeasts, Movia is the gold standard for Slovenian wines.
The Pairing: Upon thinking about this pairing initially, I was struck with how many components were on the plate. Herb/Pickle/Fat/Fish/Acid... it has it all. Oh, and don't forget bergamot. Pairings like this are the most enjoyable because they often require wines that are as equally dynamic as the dish, and the possibilities can be really fun.
The nose on the wine suggests menthol and mint, maybe fennel somewhere in there, which for me is atypical for Sauvignon; but this is not just Sauvignon, it is Movia Sauvignon. The mint flavors marry well with the overall first impression of the dish, but it’s the bergamot that creates a really intense sensation. The bergamot is the reason I thought about this wine initially, and I’m happy it works as well as it does. As for the fish element, the fact is there is relatively low acid in this wine for Sauvignon. The fat in the dish balances out the fish taste on its own, so the wine actually acts as a neutral as far as the fish is concerned. The finish of the wine reacts interestingly with the assortment of pickles, especially the apple. Finally, the candied apricot tone that hides rather subtly in the wine on its own becomes highlighted and pleasant as a closing note.

Parting Thoughts: Caps Off to this Year’s Grads

As we close out another newsletter, we would like to tip our hats to the future leaders of our community, emerging from their institutions of higher learning, with fresh ideas and unbridled energy. As you set forth down uncertain paths, celebrate each new experience with the same spirit of discovery that has led you to this great milestone.

Mom and Dad, how do you plan on celebrating this great achievement? Did you know that, in addition to evening gatherings in our Private Dining Room, Genoa is happy to host special lunch/brunch celebrations in the Main Dining Room?

For more ideas and details on graduation celebrations,
Contact our Private Dining Coordinator, Tim Parsons via email:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Accanto's Facebook Grand Prix-Fixe

For the month of March we are offering a special 3-course prixe-fixe menu that provides comfort to your pocketbook.

First Course:
Choose between the chef's selected antipasti, bowl of soup or seasonal salad
Second Course:
Choose any of our famous made-fresh-daily pastas
Third Course:
Finish with Pastry Chef Daniel Jasso's Dessert of the Day

This special offer begins this Sunday March 6th, and will be available all weekday nights, Sunday-Thursdays! For reservations log onto

Monday, February 28, 2011

The "Pick Three Prix Fixe"

Slushy Rain. Blustery Cold. Tax Season Looming.

March, though famous for being the mother of Spring, can at times, test our ability to stay positive about life in this great city we call home. Chefs David Anderson and Daniel Mondok are excited to announce a March Dine-Out Special called the "Pick Three Prix Fixe".
Every Wednesday this month, guests will enjoy the option of a three-course version of Genoa's famed Italian Tasting Menu, offered for only $35 Dollars!!!
Yes, you are reading this correctly.
Dine with us this month on Wednesday nights, and you have the option of choosing one of the first 3 courses, either the Antipasti, Pasta or Salad, followed by your choice of three entrées, finished with your choice of 3 fabulous desserts created by Pastry Chef Daniel Jasso.
Log onto and follow the Open Table reservation link, or simply call us @ 503-238-1464 to make your reservation. HURRY, our intimate dining room has limited seating available.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Festa’ccanto

Food + Drink + DJ =
your answer to the question:
“What are you doing for New Years?”

Taking inspiration from the Italian New Year’s tradition of feasting on pork and lentils, the crew at Accanto invite you to celebrate the arrival of the 2011 with a special late night happy hour.

Beginning at 10pm, Chef Drew and his culinary team will treat guests to a buffet of traditional small plates;
Cotecchino con lenticchie

*Arancini stuffed with pork belly ragu

*Crispy polenta crostini

*Smoked cod topped fingerling potatoes

*Salumi e formaggi

*and more!!

Just 10 bucks gets you a plate for the buffet plus a glass of Prosecco to toast the
New Year 2011.

No Cover
Happy Hour Drink Specials

DJ HG Wells spins Classic 45s

29th & SE Belmont

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Popular Vote Promotion

This past week has been a terrific one for Genoa. Not only were we honored with two nominations in the 2010 Eater PDX Restaurant Awards, but the support of our fans was truly amazing. Even after a long and bitter campaign season, our online community turned out in droves to place us in the #1 spot for Restaurant of the Year, and a statistical dead-heat for David Anderson as Chef of the Year. While the Editorial Board at Eater PDX ultimately chose our friends over at Castagna for their top pick (Congrats to Monique and Matt!), we want you to know just how much we appreciate your support.

Everyone who dines with us this evening from our online community will be offered Genoa’s five course regional Italian menu (currently featuring the Piedmont) for just $40 (just mention this post!).
Call 503-238-1464 to reserve one of the limited tables right now.
Or log onto to book a table via the Open Table reservation system.

Be sure to tell your friends to follow us on Facebook and join us for tonight’s celebration -- Facebook does have its rewards.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Spotlight on Leadership

David, 32, came to Portland from Ketchikan, Alaska in 2000 and worked his way up through some of this city’s finest kitchens – including Café Azul, Southpark, Lauro and Vindalho. From the beginning, he has been recognized as one of Portland’s best young chefs, with Willamette Week honoring his work as Chef de Cuisine at Lauro Kitchen by naming it “Restaurant of the Year” in 2004. Moving on to Vindalho in 2005 he was featured in Gourmet Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. His commitment to the culinary arts also garnered accolades from the Oregonian’s Diner Issue in 2007, where he was called out as one of Portland’s “Rising Stars”. In 2008, David was crowned as the champion of “Iron Chef Portland”.

David’s second decade in Portland promises to be just as exciting. In addition to the reinvention of Genoa, one of Portland’s most significant culinary icons, this new role has given him the opportunity to highlight and assist the work of the non-profit organizations about whom he feels most passionate. David credits his first Share Our Strength’s “Taste of the Nation” nine years ago, for introducing him to the power of food-related philanthropic events to raise not just funds, but awareness and grass roots support.

Under his stewardship, Genoa and Accanto have become involved in 18 charity events in its first year, raising money and awareness for local and national organizations addressing issues such as hunger, healthcare, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and education for our community’s disenfranchised youth. Over the last year, there’s a good chance that if you’ve dined at either Genoa or Accanto, a percentage of your dining-dollars may have gone directly to those in our community in need.

Some of the organizations that Genoa has supported are the Cascade AIDS Project, Virginia Garcia Foundation, Portland Farmers Market SNAP Program, Oregon Food Bank, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Sisters of the Road Inc., Impact NW, Urban Opportunities, p;ear foundation, Stand For Children, the Michelle Obama “Chefs Moves to Schools” program, Our House, Growing Gardens, 10/10/10 Chef Face-Off for Leukemia & Lymphoma, and the Classic Wines Auction’s involvement with New Avenues for Youth, Metro Family Services, Friends of Children, Trillium Family Services and the YWCA of Clark County.

Join us as we thank our tireless leader David Anderson!!!