Friday, April 30, 2010

The spring in your step. The song in the air.

If you are reading this post you know drama is not relegated to the stage. In fact, Theater and Fine Dining share many similar facets. Before the door is un-locked and the curtain rises on another culinary production, the Chef assumes the role of creative director.
Hours before the performance begins, local farmers become talent agents, pitching their produce as the next big star to grace the stage on tonight’s menu. The afternoon is busy with rehearsals, each cook doing their part to coax the best performance from every ingredient. Dim the lights, cue the strings, the Host orchestrates the band of waiters so their pitch is in key. The curtain goes up on another night of culinary theater.
Executive Chef David Anderson and his team at Genoa Restaurant invite you and the rest of Portland’s theater lovers, to experience the new 4-course prix-fixe dinner menu before your next trip to the theater. Seating begins early at 5:30 to insure you have ample to time to savor three courses of regional Italian cuisine that has garnered national attention for 39 years. With the push of a button our staff signals Radio Cab and you set off, free of the parking woes of downtown.
As the curtain drops, and the echoes of “ENCORE” still ring in your ear, allow us to take the last bow of the evening. Bring in your ticket stub from tonight’s performance and enjoy a fourth course, dessert or coffee from our sister restaurant next-door, Accanto (literally means next door). BRAVO!!!

Four Courses for Forty Dollars
Reservations @ 503-238-1464

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