Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Lewis Learning Garden

If you've been following Genoa+Accanto's Twitter and Facebook updates you know our Chef, David Anderson, was invited to Washington DC last weekend to attend the launch of Michele Obama's "Chefs Move to Schools" program. By partnering chefs with schools in their neighborhoods, the program begins to address issues of nutrition and obesity at the grass roots level, literally.
On Friday June 11th, David Anderson had the pleasure of meeting three groups of kids at our new partner school, Lewis Elementary in the Woodstock neighborhood. Thanks to the hard work and guidance of "Community Agent/Garden Coordinator" Julia Hamlin, the Lewis students are learning not only where food comes from, but just how delicious healthy home grown produce can be.
The students guided David through the "Learning Garden", sampling a variety of lettuces, sugar snap peas, borage flowers and chives. The group shared stories on favorite foods and different ways you can prepare produce to make it especially tasty. The day in the garden ended with the release of 5 butterflies that the class had raised from caterpillars. David waved goodbye to his new friends with a shout, "I'll be seeing you soon!" This summer David will be attending a session of "Garden Camp" organized and taught by Ms. Hamlin.
Thanks for spending a moment to follow this journey to healthy living.

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